Joshua(not Josuha ibn Nūn) the High Priest Courtyard

In The Courtyard Of The Josuha Shrine One Of The Famous Jewish 
Rabbai Hackham Was Buried:Hakham Abdallah Somekh(עבדאללה סומך)-
was a rosh yeshiva and posek of Iraqi Jewry. He was born in Baghdad to Abraham Somekh, himself a descendant of Nissim Gaon.
The Third Pic Show Hakham Ezra Dangoor Inside Josuha The High Priest Shrine, At The Wall You Can Observer The Carving Hebrew Letters That Says:”Josuha High Priest” ,”Josuha Cohen Gadol”,יהושע כהן גדול.

The Rabbai Yaacov(Jacob) Bar Yosef The Doctor(הרב יעקב בן רבי יוסף הרופא) Who Was The Teacher Of Hakham Abdallah Somekh(עבדאללה סומך) Also Like Hakham Abdallah Somekh(עבדאללה סומך) Buired In The Courtyard Of The Josuha Shrine.

It Was Known Among The Common Pepole As The Grave Of Joshua Ben Noon,But The Jews Didnt Accept This,And There Is A Lot Of Historical Documents To Prove The Originality Of This Shrine.
Pepole Who Visit The Shrine In Different Periods:
The Turkish Traveler MR.Ali In 1554 CE:Near Baghdad There Is A Small Building And In It There Is A Grave That Is Respected By Arabs And Jews.They say That There Rests The Body Of The Jewish High priest.It In In A Great Box And On The Top Of The Tomb There Is A Plate Of Copper On Which Is Written In Hebrew Letters,’Yehoshua Kohen Gadol’.


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