Joshua(not Josuha ibn Nūn) the High Priest

 Joshua(not Josuha ibn Nūn) – the High Priest Tomb Shrine Found , Iraq Near Baghdad.
At The New Photos You Can Observe That The Shrine Has been through Restoration But All The Hebrew Prays Carving On The Wall Are Gone.
You Can Observe The Hebrew Prays Carving On The Old Picture That Hacham Ezra Dangoor near the tomb.
You Can Observe The Similarity of The Old and New Photos By The Wall Carving Decorations.

You can Observe Rabbai Ezra Dangoor Near Joshua Tomb.                    Quote From The book A nostalgic trip into the history of the jews of iraq-“Joshua Tomb it is near the grave of the famous Sheik Karchi the muslim known as the son of fairuz; and the grave of mrs zabeeda is near a famous place known during the period of the abyssian as the neighborhood of the gate of basra.behind it is the neighborhood of ali who visited this cemetry in 1554 ce – near baghdad there is a small building and in it there is a grave that is respect by arabs and jews.they say that there rests the body of the jewish high is in a great box and on top of the tomb there is a plate of copper on which is written in hebrew letters “Yehoshua Kohen Gadol”(“Joshua The Great Priest”).

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